The Hangover Part III – Review

John Goodman stars as antagonist, Marshall

So here we are then, the parting of the ways for the Wolfpack. Thank God.

What started, in Part I, as an enjoyable, hilarious romp through Vegas has turned in to a tired, wheezing, asthmatic of a film that resorts to small Asian crazies and a man child to carry itself over a forgettable finishing line.

The Hangover Part III is not a good film. If it was it was a standalone entity, completely unrelated to The Hangover franchise, it would just not work.

Kicking off with a dead giraffe, the picture goes quickly down hill from there, as Stu, Doug and Phil help stage an intervention for Alan who has been ‘off his meds’ for a long period of time.

As the Wolfpack set off for a final road trip to a psychiatric hospital, they are ambushed by a group of henchmen in pig masks, led by the menacing Marshall (John Goodman).

Marshall, you see, is after a small fortune of gold that was somehow hijacked by Mr Chow during the events of the first Hangover film. From there, Doug is kidnapped and things happen. I can’t tell you what these things are, because I’ve already forgotten them.

The audience are continually let down by repeated Alan / Mr Chow gags which, after the previous two films, are well past their sell by date. I cannot be the only one who thinks it’s time for Zach Galifianakis to find some new characters to play. His endless, endless, flogging of the ‘man child with mental problems’ persona, which we’ve seen in at least five films over the past three years (Hangovers I, II and III, Dinner For Schmucks, Due Date), has got to stop. It’s boring, old and stale and does absolutely nothing for the films he stars in.

Thanks to Chow and Alan – Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms (Phil and Stu) were relegated to little more than background characters, there as window dressing rather than meaningful members of the cast.

As the franchise splutters to a close, it’s important to remember this: just because a film is successful, it doesn’t mean it has to be milked with sequel after sequel.  Eventually the audience will tire and the reputation of the excellent original will be tarnished forever.

Ultimately The Hangover Part III was forgettable at best. There were points where I genuinely forgot it was supposed to be a funny film and thankfully, I won’t have to watch another one.



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