Fox Renew 24 After 3 Years

Fans of TV may remember hit US series 24. It was taken off-air three years ago after 192 episodes, nine years, eight series and one TV movie. Driven by Kiefer Sutherland, his character – Jack Bauer – achieved cult hero status as he saved Los Angeles from countless terrorist atrocities and was much missed when the show was axed in 2010.

In a press release, Kevin Reilly, Chariman of Fox Broadcasting Company, said, “It’s great to have Jack back.”

“‘24’ redefined the drama genre, and as we reimagine the television miniseries, this iconic show will again break new ground for the network,” said Reilly. “The series remains a global sensation, and everyone at FOX is thrilled to be back at work with Kiefer, Howard and the incredibly creative ‘24’ team,”

The powers that be in the business, however, have granted Bauer a reprieve. Announced this week, 24: Live Another Day, is set to return to our TV screens in Summer 2014 in a smaller ‘limited series’ event.

Live Another Day will feature 12 episodes representing a 24 hour day. It will drop the show’s previous ‘real-time’ format and will skip hours, which will spare viewers the filler episodes that occasionally blighted the series several years ago.

The news comes after Fox executives called time on the planned movie-of-the-tv-series that was supposed to follow the close of the eighth season.

Fans of the show will be keeping their fingers crossed that TV ratings stay high in the hope that Fox pick its Jack back up for a full series in 2015.


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