Facial Part Two: Troubled Waters

As Facial’s merry band of men set about their work in earnest, Jack and I began to discuss in detail our pièce de résistance. An interview with the world’s best moustache. Tom Selleck.

It was decided that upon returning home we would telephone the office of Tom Selleck’s publicist, Annette Wolf.

The phone call took place and I spoke on the phone for less than 2 minutes. While I didn’t get to talk to Ms Wolf herself, I did speak to a particularly helpful young lady who gave me an email address where I might contact the relevant person. I fired off the following email immediately, hoping for a quick and positive response.

Dear Allison,

I called your office today with a request for a short telephone interview with Tom Selleck and I was given your email address.
I’m currently studying journalism at the University of Falmouth in the United Kingdom and have been tasked with creating a short magazine over the coming term and our study group are creating a magazine based around, as bizarre as this sounds, facial hair. Obviously Tom came straight to our minds and it would be absolutely outstanding if we could ask him a few questions about his life and roles over the telephone.
Thanks for your help,
Meanwhile, with Jake, he was having second thoughts about the team behind Facial. Perhaps he thought that the grass was going to be greener on the other side of the fence? Maybe he didn’t think our magazine could make it all the way to the finish? After all, a magazine about beards? Bah.

All that matters is something was troubling Jake Garrett and he felt the best decision was to leave the comfort and safety of Facial Magazine behind. Forever.


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