Facial Part Three: A Rising Tide

Still reeling from the departure of Jake, the Facial team soldiered on. They still needed layouts and flatplans, features and stories. There was no time for mourning the loss of our sports writer. Business as usual.

The team thrashed out an initial plan. Facial was to be 16 pages, 20 if you count the covers. Inside would be four features each two pages in length and eight shorter articles, each one page in length. Topics would cover the psychology of having a beard, a history of facial hair, Tom Selleck’s career and of course our star-interview with Selleck himself.

Soon the articles began to flood in. My Movember article was written up before the end of October and it was swiftly joined by articles on the history of facial hair and a short run-down of beards owned by celebrities.

As the design manager I could now begin my work of crafting the inner pages of Facial Magazine. The editorial team had decided that the magazine must have a classy appeal. It was for an elite group of beard wearers and admirers. It was important that it met or exceeded their standards and expectations. Facial is not for riff-raff, rather for upperclassmen with taste.

Nothing was to be too cluttered and fonts used were kept to a minimum. There was to be a uniformity about Facial Magazine that you may not get in other magazines. Clean and modern.

The group were pleased with my initial designs and, in preparation for the impending interview with Tom Selleck, he was made our cover model. However, was that decision taken too early?


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