Facial Part Five: Resurrection

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Facial Magazine was reborn overnight. We increased the number of pages from 16 to 22 and decided that the writing would begin in earnest, along with a search for a new cover model. Tom’s betrayal had left us down but we were certainly not out.

Folk musician Frank Turner was coming to Cornwall at the end of November with his band The Sleeping Souls. I knew instantly that this was going to be our best chance to bag a familiar face to grace our cover. I emailed the press department of the label that he is signed with, Xtra Mile Recordings. After an exchange of five or six emails she stopped responding before I could pin down an interview.

It was Tom all over again. We were once again going to be blasted by a famous face. It was disheartening to say the least.

The brilliant work done by the rest of the Facial team was being undermined at every turn by my failures to secure us a striking cover story and model.

By this point, the internal part of the magazine was almost complete. We had worked swiftly and methodically through the magazine, creating content that would appeal to our target audience of bearded men.

Chris Hunt had written an interesting editorial letter to go to the start of the magazine, highlighting the decline of beards from a symbol of power and greatness to merely a fashion statement.

Pearce had delved deep in to the history of beards, crafting a piece of writing based purely on the historical facts about beards. It was informative and interesting. Qualities that we love at Facial.

Jack had found an entire society based around beards. He’d conducted an interview with the leader and written a piece on it, all while commissioning a friend to take some photographs of moustached men in some fine classic cars.

Even Harley had pitched in, writing reviews that were eventually not included in the final piece and a feature on the current trends of celebrity beards.

It was me that was short. Sure, I’d written my Movember feature. It was important information that needs to be seen by the general public but I still didn’t have that killer interview piece.


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