Facial Part One: Innocent Beginnings

Creating a magazine isn’t an easy task. There’s flat plans, media packs, writing, editing, creating, designing and meetings that have to go on before you get the finished product.

The idea for Facial Magazine came during a completely unrelated conversation to the course. Jack Dodd (writer) and I were discussing beards and facial hair on the car ride home from the Magazine production. Suddenly the idea for a magazine centered on men’s facial hair and beard care.

Animated discussions were held late in to the night as we tried to figure out a team that could help bring Facial Magazine to fruition.

Eventually a crack team was assembled to join Jack and I in order to bring glory to the world of men and beards.

Chris Hunt, a surf-loving, beard wearing Exeter guy became our editor. He and I were great admirers of Tom Selleck (Magnum PI) and knew from the off that he was to become our poster boy.

Jake Garrett joined as a sports writer. He took a keen interest in the beard psychology and began to write about the world of sporting beards.

Pearce Baker joined in, despite not being able to grow a beard himself, because he identified with the group tasked with creating Facial Magazine. Perhaps it brought him closer to owning his own beard? Who knows.

Finally, Harley Gilbert-Rolfe. The guy you see drinking ghastly concoctions at parties, just because he was dared to. Rumour has it, he once drank bleach as part of a shitmix. Harley took to the task at hand like a fish to water and became an instant hit with his humourous and informative pieces and irreverent sense of humour.

Simply creating a fellowship was not enough. There was still much work to be done. Interviews to be sourced and words to be written. It was here that the journey truly begun.

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