Microsoft Surface 2.0 Unveiled

Microsoft Surface’s latest incarnation was unveiled on Wednesday at the Microsoft Consumer Electronics Show. Microsoft Surface is a multi-touch gadget which uses PixelSense to make it work.

The new release has come on leaps and bounds from the first instance of the venture, mainly in the sense that with Samsung’s PixelSense it no longer requires cameras to sense that it’s being touched. In the previous release, Surface require a complicated set up of internal cameras to sense the touch, which meant that it had to be about a mile deep to fit everything in; now it only needs to be about 10 cm (4 inches) deep.

Microsoft are obviously very proud of their new(est) baby, with corporate VP Mike Angiulo saying that it was ‘beyond touch’. That’s not strictly true, seeing as you do touch the device to make it work, but it’s definitely amazing. The new infra-red, pixel vision set up means that, instead of having to be flat, the new device can be mounted on walls in a similar, less 3D Minority Report type deal.

For those that saw Bond’s latest outing, Quantum of Solace and Michael Bay’s film, The Island you may remember scenes involving cool technology desks. These, if I’m not mistaken, were early incarnations of the first version of Surface. I always hoped that those desks were real in the vague hope that I’d one day get one.

This is still wishful thinking, however. Samsung SUR40 (the actual device running Microsoft Surface) is $7,600. While this is a significant climb-down from the Surface 1.0’s price of $12,000+, it’s still a hefty sum to shell out what is, effectively, on a dual-core PC.

I’m looking forward to more news, stay tuned!


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